Compatible Audio Discs Types
This system will play the following types of discs:
• DVD - DVDs that contain audio and/or video.
Audio discs - Audio CDs that contain audio files.
MP3 discs - A disc that contains audio, video and image files (for example, a
CD-R with downloaded MP3 files).
Note: This unit is designed to play pre-recorded (original) CD/DVDs. Some
burned CD/DVD's may not play due to different recording formats/speeds.
DVD Operation
Note: When properly installed, DVD video cannot be displayed on the
main TFT screen unless the parking brake is applied. If you attempt to
play a DVD while the vehicle is moving, the TFT screen displays:
Warning: It is illegal to view
video while driving or
operating a motor vehicle.
Set parking brake to view
From the Main Menu Screen touch the DISC Icon or insert a disc into the disc slot,
label side up. Playback begins when a disc is inserted correctly.
DVD Main Menu
When a DVD is playing, touch the TFT LCD screen to view the DVD main menu. The
on-screen icons and touch key areas are outlined below.
DVD Main Menu
Source Icon - Touch this icon to return to the Main Menu Screen.
DVD - Displays the current source.
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