BT Sub-Menu Features
The BT audio capabilities can be used for hands free applications. Before
attempting to use the BT functions on this unit, please make sure the mobile
phone to be connected supports BT functions.
BT Pairing Code Screen 2
BT - Touch ON or OFF to turn the BT function ON or OFF.
Auto-Connect - Touch ON or OFF to turn the BT Auto-Connect function ON or
Auto-Answer - Touch ON or OFF to turn the BT Auto-Answer function ON or
Pairing - This feature allows the user to create a unique 4 digit code for
pairing BT devices to the unit. The factory default pairing code is “1234”.
1. Touch the Paring Code icon and the Pairing Code entry screen will appear.
2. Use the keyboard to enter a unique 4-digit Pairing Code.
Touch OK to conrm 4 digit pairing code.
Note: If a wrong digit is entered touching the arrow will remove the
Pairing Code Entry Screen Pairing Code Conrm tion Screen
Pairing Code Screens
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