Illumination - Customize the front panel illumination. Touch to change the
illumination color. Select a color or touch Custom > Adjust to select the color
Custom Color - Select Custom1, Custom2, or Custom3 and then adjust to
adjust your custom color. Select desired color on color gradient or by pressing
- and + for RGB values. After desire color is selected press Enter key to save.
UI Color - Touch green, red, amber, blue or purple to select the user
Demo - Touch ON or OFF to turn the demonstration mode ON or OFF. The factory
default setting is ON.
Touch More to set camera conguration settings. See
“Camera Operation” on page 66.
Audio Sub-Menu Features
The Audio Sub-Menu is used to turn the Subwoofer output ON or OFF and
to select a Subwoofer crossover frequency.
Audio Sub-Menu Screen
Subwoofer - Touch ON or OFF to turn the subwoofer output ON or OFF.
Subwoofer Filter - Touch a crossover frequency (80Hz, 120Hz or 160Hz)
to set a cut-o frequency for the subwoofer’s low-pass lter (LPF).
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