Beep - Touch ON or OFF to turn the selection confirmation beep ON or OFF.
Calibration- The Touch Screen Calibration adjustment is used to set the
parameters of the touch screen to ensure that when the screen is touched, it
corresponds to the feature desired.
Note: Never use a pen or sharp object to calibrate the touch screen as this will
damage the panel.
1. Touch the Calibrate icon and the first screen will appear with instructions.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen touching and momentarily holding
finger or a stylus to the center of the target for 2 seconds. Repeat as the target
moves to each corner of the screen and finally to the center.
Calibration Screen
3. The second screen will appear:
Calibration Screen Confirm tion
4. If the screen is touched, the new calibration parameters will be accepted. If
the screen is not touched within thirty seconds, the new parameters will be
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