To access System Settings, touch the icon on the Main Menu screen. There are
seven System Settings Sub-Menus (General, Audio, Time, Language, BT,
DVD or Volume) that are used to adjust the performance of each option of
the JRV9000. The Version Sub-Menu is for information only. Touch a desired
Sub-Menu and the Sub-Menu will appear highlighted. The features available
for adjustment will appear on the screen.
System Settings Screens
Adjusting a Sub-Menu Feature
1. Touch the Sub-Menu feature to be adjusted.
2. Touch the or icon to view the previous or next feature page, if
applicable. An options list appears on the right.
3. Touch the desired feature option once to make selection then touch again to
conrm the selection.
General Sub-Menu Features - Radio Region/Frequency Spacing
Europe (LW)
FM - 200kHz / AM - 10kHz
Radio Lo/Dx - Touch the Distance or Local to increase or decrease radio tuning
sensitivity to receive local or distant stations.
TFT Standby - Touch OFF, 10s or 20s to set the unit’s front panel TFT LCD screen
to stay ON continuously or to turn o the screen after 10 or 20 seconds.
Display Adjust - Touch Night, Dark, Normal or Bright to set the unit’s front panel
TFT LCD screen to be adjusted for day and night conditions.
- FM - 50kHz / AM - 9kHz
- FM - 100kHz / AM - 9kHz
- FM - 50kHz / AM - 9kHz
- FM - 50kHz / AM - 9kHz / LW - 30kHz
- FM - 50kHz / AM - 9kHz / OIRT - 30kHz
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