Playing a Disc
To begin playback of an Audio/Video Disc:
1. Press the front panel Power On/Off ( ) button / Rotary Volume ( ) knob /
Mute button to turn the unit ON.
2. Insert a disc with the label side facing up. Playback will begin automatically.
To eject a disc:
1. Press the front panel Eject ( ) button.
Resetting the System
Soft Reset - To correct a system halt or other illegal operation, use the tip of a pen
to press and release the reset button located just below the front panel interface
System Reset Button
After a system reset, the unit restores all factory default settings.
Note: If the unit is reset while a DVD is playing, the unit will return to Main Menu
once the reset is complete.
Parking Brake Inhibit
When the pink “Parking” wire is connected to the vehicle Parking Brake circuit, the
front LCD monitor will display video when the Parking Brake is engaged.
Note: If the pink "parking" wire is not connected to the vehicle Parking Brake
circuit, video will not be displayed on the LCD monitor for safety.
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