System Settings Adjustment
To access and adjust system settings:
1. Touch the Settings ( ) icon on the Main Menu screen to enter the SETTINGS
MENU. Sub-menus where adjustments can be made will be highlighted.
Volume Adjustment / Turn On Volume
To increase or decrease the volume level, rotate the rotary encoder knob. The
unit’s front panel screen will display the volume level for 2 seconds. The
volume level ranges from 0 to 50. To set the Turn-On volume, press and hold
the rotary encoder knob 1 second while the volume bar is displayed
after setting the desired volume level. You will hear 2 beeps to confirm the
new Turn-On volume level.
Audible Beep Conirmation
An audible beep tone confirms each function selection. The beep tone can be
disabled through the Setup menu.
Muting the Audio
Press the front panel volume knob ( ) to mute the audio from the unit. Mute
icon is displayed on the LCD screen. Press the front panel volume knob again to
restore the audio volume to its previous level. Adjusting the volume or using any
of the audio setup features cancels the mute function.
Equalizer Controls
Equalizer (EQ): Adjustment can be made after entering one of the audio/video
sources (Disc, Radio, USB, AV-IN or SXM).
Touch the Equalizer (EQ) icon to view the Equalizer Control Screen to select a
desired preset setting (Optimal, Classic, Rock, Jazz, Techno or Pop), Flat setting,
custom User setting, make adjustments to the audio Balance and Fader levels or
to turn the Loudness option ON or OFF. Touch the Source icon to return to the
current source.
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