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91194 Rev G
vital cluster box unit - 1570 “F” Series
NOTE: Anchors are not included with this product. Anchoring system selection coincides with type
of installation planned and should be purchased separately.
• Outdoor Installation -- anchoring systems for concrete pads are discussed in the next section,
“Concrete Foundation Preparation”.
The CBU cabinet and pedestal are packaged separately. Below is a list of components and hardware
you will receive in each package.
Pedestal Package
Template - guide to locate pedestal base anchors
Rubber Pad - installed between ground and pedestal base
Pedestal - fully assembled
Cabinet Package
CBU mailboxes and parcel lockers in protective cabinet
Hardware kit in plastic bag (shipped inside unit compartment) that includes:
Pedestal hardware
Tenant keys
Parcel keys and tags
Installation manual
Cleaning instructions
Parcel door hardware (in plastic bag inside cabinet) - (2) McGard and (3) two-way screws;
(4) Arrow Lock nuts; and panel lock covers attached with temporary plastic fasteners.
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