7 Lubrication
ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
Knuckle Bushing
1. Check the knuckle for looseness. The correct end play is
0.005-0.015-inch (0.127-0.381 mm). Figure 7.2. If loose,
service as necessary.
2. Clean all grease fittings prior to lubrication.
3. Apply the specified grease at the grease fitting on the knuckle
until new grease purges from all the seals. Grease the lower
pin cap with the vehicle weight on the wheel end to ensure that
the thrust bearing is completely greased.
If new grease does not purge at the seals: Move the
knuckle while applying grease at the fittings until new
grease purges at the seals.
If new grease still does not purge: Disassemble the
knuckle. Inspect the grease and the components. Service
as necessary.
Greasing Wheel Bearings
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface. Block the wheels to prevent
the vehicle from moving.
2. Use a jack to raise the vehicle so that the wheels to be serviced
are off the ground. Support the vehicle with safety stands.
3. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Remove and
disassemble the hub.
4. Use the correct cleaning solvent to remove the old grease from
all parts. Discard the seals. Inspect the wheel bearings for
wear and damage. Replace worn or damaged bearings.
5. Before installing the wheel bearings, lubricate the bearing
journals on the spindle with the grease that is used for the
bearings. Figure 7.3 and Figure 7.4.
Figure 7.3
Figure 7.4
6. Use a pressure packer to force the specified grease from the
large end of the cones into the cavities between the rollers and
cage. Pack the hub between the bearing cups with grease to
the level of the smallest diameter of the cups.
If a pressure packer is not available: Grease the
bearings by hand.
7. Install the inner and outer bearing cones into the cups in the
hubs. The bearing cups must be pressed tight against the
shoulder in the hubs.
8. Install new wheel seals into the hubs.
Figure 7.3
Figure 7.4
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