6 Cam Brake Assembly and Installation
ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
B. Push DOWN on the axle shaft and read the end play on
the dial indicator.
If the end play is greater than 0.118-inch (3 mm):
Remove the wheel end and inspect for wear. The
thrust washer thickness must be at least 0.120-inch
(3.05 mm). Replace the thrust washer if necessary.
Inspect the thrust surfaces on the spindle, housing
and axle shaft for wear. Replace parts as necessary.
7. On units equipped for ABS, install the ABS cable and grommet
into the knuckle. Install the ABS sensor into the ABS bushing in
the spindle. Figure 6.12.
8. Install the camshaft bushing retainer plate and two bolts to the
back side of the steering knuckle. Tighten the capscrews to the
correct torque. Refer to Section 8. Figure 6.13.
Figure 6.13
9. If the camshaft bushing was disassembled, attach it to the
retainer plate with four self-tapping screws. Tighten the screws
to the correct torque. Refer to Section 8.
10. Install the air brake chambers and brackets. Tighten the
bracket mounting capscrews to the correct torque. Refer to
Section 8. Figure 6.14.
Figure 6.14
11. Install the camshaft. Figure 6.15.
Figure 6.15
12. Install the retaining ring onto the camshaft at the back of the
spider assembly. Figure 6.16.
Figure 6.16
13. Install the slack adjuster onto the camshaft. Figure 6.17.
Figure 6.13
Figure 6.14
Figure 6.15
Figure 6.16
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