6 Cam Brake Assembly and Installation
22 ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
Figure 6.4
5. Repeat the previous four steps to install the remaining
bushings into the yoke.
6. Lubricate the universal joint when the joint includes a grease
If the universal joint does not move freely: Strike the
yoke ear with a brass or copper hammer. Figure 6.5.
Figure 6.5
Steering Knuckle and Axle Shaft
1. Install a new seal onto the outer drive shaft. Figure 6.6.
Figure 6.6
2. Inspect the bushing for wear and damage. The bushing
diameter must be 2.630-2.634-inches (66.8-66.9 mm).
If the bushing diameter is not within the specification:
Use a correct size sleeve or driver to install a new inner
drive shaft bushing, thrust washer and oil seal into the
housing or housing socket adapter. Apply a layer of
non-hardening sealing compound to the seal retainers
before the seals are installed.
Do not force or hit the seal after it is correctly installed into its
seat. You can damage the seal retainer.
3. If the socket plugs were removed from the housing, position
the socket plugs in the housings up against the counter bore. If
tack welds were used previously, carefully tack weld each plug
in position with four welds.
4. Use the correct size sleeve or driver to drive new bushings into
the socket bores so that the bushings are level with the outside
of the socket.
If a press is available: Press-in the domed socket plugs or
tack weld them into position. To avoid distortion to the
bushing and bushing bore diameter, do not apply too much
heat to the socket during tack welding of socket plugs.
5. Inspect the axle shaft journals for wear and damage. The seal
journal diameter on the axle shaft should be
3.248-3.250-inches (82.50-82.55 mm).
If the seal journal diameter is not within the
specification: Replace the seal.
Figure 6.4
Figure 6.5
Figure 6.6
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