5 Prepare Parts for Assembly
ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
Axle Housing
1. Remove dirt from the housing sleeves. Check for cracks, loose
studs and damage to machined surfaces. Repair or replace
damaged parts.
2. Check the king pin bushing for wear or damage. Replace worn
or damaged parts.
3. Inspect the needle roller thrust bearing for wear or damage.
Replace worn or damaged parts.
4. Inspect the knuckle or steering stops for wear or damage.
Replace worn or damaged parts.
5. Inspect the axle housing knuckle socket bushings for wear.
Replace worn components.
Axle Shafts
1. Inspect the axle shafts for wear, stress and cracks at the
splines, shaft and yoke ears. Replace damaged components.
2. Inspect the inner and outer axle shaft bushings in the housing
and spindle for wear or damage. Replace worn or damaged
3. Inspect the axle shaft oil seals in the housing and spindle for
damage. Replace damaged seals.
Tie Rod Ends
1. Inspect tie rod ends for wear and damage. Replace worn or
damaged tie rod ends. Do not repair them.
2. Check seals for damage. Replace damaged seals. Verify that
seals are fastened correctly on the socket.
3. If tie rod ends have grease fittings, check fittings for wear and
damage. Replace worn or damaged fittings. If a grease fitting
is missing, install a new one. Don’t try to install a grease fitting
onto a tie rod end that’s a non-greaseable design. Figure 5.6.
Figure 5.6
4. Tighten all grease fittings to the correct torque. Do not
overtighten, which can damage the threads. Refer to Section 8
for torque specifications.
Repair or Replace Parts
Replace damaged or out-of-specification axle components. Do
not bend, repair or recondition axle components by welding or
heat-treating. A bent axle beam reduces axle strength, affects
vehicle operation and voids Meritor’s warranty. Serious
personal injury and damage to components can result.
Repair of axle housing by welding is not permissible. Damage
to components can result.
Replace worn or damaged parts of an axle assembly. The following
are some conditions to check.
1. Replace the fasteners if the corners of the head are worn.
2. Replace the damaged washers.
3. Replace the gaskets, oil seals, grease seals or felt seals at the
time of axle or carrier repair.
4. Clean the parts. Apply new silicone gasket material, where
required, when the axle or carrier is assembled.
5. Use a fine file, emery cloth or crocus cloth to remove rough
edges from parts that have machined or ground surfaces.
6. Clean and repair fastener threads and holes. Use a die or tap of
the correct size or a fine file.
Figure 5.6
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