4 Cam Brake Removal and Disassembly
16 ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
6. Remove the retaining ring from the camshaft at the back of the
spider assembly. Figure 4.23.
Figure 4.23
7. Remove the camshaft.
Before you service a spring chamber, carefully follow the
manufacturer’s instructions to compress and lock the spring to
completely release the brake. Verify that no air pressure
remains in the service chamber before you proceed. Sudden
release of compressed air can cause serious personal injury
and damage to components.
8. Drain the air tank.
9. Disconnect the air lines at the brake chamber.
10. Remove the air brake chambers and brackets.
11. To disassemble the brake spider and spindle assembly from
the steering knuckle, remove the attaching capscrews.
12. On units equipped for ABS, push the ABS sensor into the
knuckle cavity.
13. Pull the spindle straight from the knuckle and drive shaft.
Figure 4.24.
Figure 4.24
14. The seal wiper sleeve and thrust washer will remain inside the
spindle. If necessary, use a screwdriver to disassemble these
15. On units equipped for ABS, the steel sleeve and sensor clip for
positioning the ABS sensor will remain on the spindle. If
necessary, push out the sensor clip. Use a suitable driver to
remove the sleeve.
16. Remove the screws and the bearing support bushing plate
from the back side of steering knuckle. Figure 4.25.
Figure 4.25
Figure 4.23
Figure 4.24
Figure 4.25
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