4 Cam Brake Removal and Disassembly
ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
15. Grind off the four tack welds, if used, that hold the socket plugs
to the housing. Grind the tack welds carefully so that the bore
is not damaged. Some housings use a pressed-in socket plug.
16. Use a sleeve that is slightly smaller than the socket bore to
drive the socket plug and bushing toward the outside of the
socket using. Figure 4.10.
Figure 4.10
17. Clean all grease and dirt from the bores before reassembly.
Steering Universal Joint
NOTE: Do not disassemble Permalubeā„¢ joints. Disassembly will
void the Meritor warranty. The cross assemblies are Permalubeā„¢
design and are non-greaseable.
NOTE: Meritor front drive steer axles with cam brakes have a round
bearing yoke joint design. Figure 4.11.
Figure 4.11
1. Use snap ring pliers to remove the snap rings. Figure 4.12.
Figure 4.12
2. If necessary, use a brass drift and lightly tap the center of the
bushing to assist in snap ring removal. Figure 4.13.
Figure 4.13
3. Repeat the previous step on the other sides of the yoke.
4. Use a press, bridge and bearing cup bushing receiver as
shown in Figure 4.14. The bridge and bearing cup bushing
receiver are detailed in Figure 4.15.
Figure 4.10
Figure 4.11
Figure 4.12
Figure 4.13
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