4 Cam Brake Removal and Disassembly
12 ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
NOTE: It is not necessary to disassemble both cross tube ends
unless both knuckle assemblies are being serviced at the same
5. Remove the six capscrews from the upper knuckle cap or
steering arm.
6. Lift the upper knuckle cap or steering arm from the bore. Keep
the shims together for use at reassembly. Figure 4.6.
Figure 4.6
7. Inspect the steering arm oil seal on the upper knuckle cap for
wear and damage. Replace a worn or damaged oil seal at
reassembly. Figure 4.7.
Figure 4.7
8. Disassemble the lower knuckle cap. Inspect the thrust bearing
for wear and damage. Replace a worn or damaged thrust
bearing at reassembly. Figure 4.8.
Figure 4.8
9. After both the upper and lower knuckle cap and steering arm
assemblies are removed, pull the steering knuckle from the
10. The bushings will remain in the sockets of the housing. Inspect
the upper and lower bushings while they are still in the sockets
for wear and damage.
11. Pull the universal joint and drive shaft assembly straight from
the carrier housing. Figure 4.9.
Figure 4.9
12. Remove the oil seal from the outer drive shaft. Discard the
13. If required, remove the inner drive shaft oil seal, thrust washer
and bushing from the axle housing.
14. If necessary, remove the bushings and the socket plugs from
the upper and lower sockets in the housing.
Figure 4.6
Figure 4.7
Figure 4.8
Figure 4.9
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