4 Cam Brake Removal and Disassembly
ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
8. If necessary, remove the felt seal and retainer from the drive
9. Remove the outer adjusting nut, lockwasher and inner
adjusting nut from the spindle. Use the correct size wrench
socket to remove the adjusting nut. Figure 4.3.
Figure 4.3
10. Remove the hub, drum and wheel assembly, if still mounted,
straight off the spindle. If necessary, hit the inside of the wheel
with a mallet to loosen it. Prevent the outer bearing cone from
falling when you remove the hub.
Bearing Cups and Oil Seal from the Hub
1. Remove the wheel, rim and tire, from the hub if not previously
2. If it is necessary to remove the wheel studs from the hub, place
the hub in a press. Support the hub flange and press the studs
through the hub.
If a press is not available: Use a brass hammer or drift.
3. If necessary, use a long screwdriver to remove the oil seal from
the hub. Discard the oil seal. Figure 4.4.
Figure 4.4
4. If necessary, on units equipped for ABS, use a suitable puller to
remove the ABS tooth wheel from the hub.
5. Remove the inner bearing cone from the hub.
6. Use a press and sleeve or a bearing puller to remove the inner
and outer bearing cups from the hub.
7. Tap and stretch the oil sleeve to remove it from the spindle. Do
not reuse the sleeve.
Steering Knuckle from the Housing
The steering knuckle must be disassembled before the steering
universal joint can be removed.
The steering arm and cross tube assemblies can be serviced
without removing the steering knuckle from the housing.
1. Remove the steering arm ball cotter pin and nut to disconnect
the steering linkage from the steering arm.
2. Remove the cross tube, tie rod, cotter pin and nut to
disassemble the cross tube from the knuckle arm. Figure 4.5.
Figure 4.5
3. Push the stud for the cross tube end through the knuckle arm.
If necessary, use a soft mallet to drive the stud through the
knuckle arm.
4. On units equipped for ABS, remove the grommet for the ABS
cable and the ABS sensor from the knuckle.
Figure 4.3
Figure 4.4
Figure 4.5
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