3 Inspection
6ArvinMeritor Maintenance Manual MM-0361 (Revised 04-10)
Does Tie Rod End Wear Affect the Steering Linkage?
Unless tie rod end wear becomes excessive, a safe steering linkage
is maintained. However, tie rod end wear can affect uniform steering
control and, ultimately, wear to the front tires.
Can the Driver Detect Tie Rod End Wear During
Vehicle Operation?
A driver may not always detect a loose tie rod end condition during
vehicle travel conditions. This is why it is important to inspect tie rod
ends for wear and allowable movement at regular intervals.
Tie Rod Assembly for Movement
For roadside inspection, refer to the procedure in this section.
Vehicle Raised and Supported with Safety Stands
To perform this inspection, the entire system must be unloaded. The
front end of the vehicle must be raised and supported with stands.
NOTE: Do not grease the tie rod assembly before you perform the
Park the vehicle on a level surface. Block the wheels to
prevent the vehicle from moving. Support the vehicle with
safety stands. Do not work under a vehicle supported only by
jacks. Jacks can slip and fall over. Serious personal injury and
damage to components can result.
1. Park the vehicle on a level surface with the wheels STRAIGHT.
Block the wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving. Set the
parking brake. Figure 3.2.
Figure 3.2
2. Raise the vehicle so that the front wheels are off the ground.
Support the vehicle with safety stands. Do not use a jack to
support the vehicle.
3. With the engine off, turn the wheels from full left to full right.
Return to the straight-ahead position. This step will require
more force for vehicles with the power steering off.
4. Check the tie rod boot for cracks, tears or other damage. Also
check the boot seals for damage. Replace the entire tie rod end
if the boot is damaged or missing. Figure 3.3.
Figure 3.3
Figure 3.2
Figure 3.3
Point wheels straight ahead.
Cracked or torn boot
requires entire tie rod
end replacement.
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