The ARP2600 V must be loaded on an instrument stereo track. We can now make
ARP2600 V sound by playing with the mouse on the virtual keyboard.
8.8.2 Saving the presets
When the session is saved, the status of ARP2600 V is saved as it is, even if its pro-
gramming does not correspond to the preset. For example, if you are working on a
preset “P1” in which you have modified the parameters (without saving them in the
plug-in itself), the next time you open the session, the ARP2600 V will load the “P1”
preset plus the modifications you made to it. The “Librarian Menu” of Pro Tools can be
used with the ARP2600 V like with all other plug-ins.
Nevertheless it is highly recommended to use the internal ARP2600 V menu: with the
presets saved like this, they are usable no matter which mode is chosen (standalone or
other sequencer), and they can be exported, exchanged more easily, and will stay
compatible with future versions of the ARP2600 V.
8.8.3 Automation under Pro Tools
The automation function with ARP2600 V functions like with all RTAS/HTDM plug-ins
(check the Pro Tools documentation for more details on plug-in automations).
8.9 Using in Logic, Mac OS X (AU)
Make sure the plug-in has been tested OK in the Logic Audio Units Manager. To launch
it, click on the menu “Preferences > Start Logic AU Manager”.
Create a new Software Instrument track.
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