8.7.2 Rescan the plug-in directory in Cubase
If the ARP2600 V does not appear in the list of VST plug-ins, you can perform a
“rescan” of the plug-in directory.
8.7.3 Saving of presets
When the session/project is saved, the ARP2600 V is saved in its last mode of opera-
tion, with all modifications intact. For instance, if you were working on a “P1” preset in
which you had modified parameters (without saving them as a separate preset within
the plug-in itself), the next time you open the project, ARP2600 V will load the “P1”
preset plus the modifications you made previously.
The drop-down menu in which the VST sequencer allows you to save a new preset is of
course usable with the ARP2600 V. However, it is highly advised to use the ARP2600 V
internal menu: the presets saved in this way are usable in any other mode (standalone
or with other sequencers), they can be exported and exchanged more easily, and they
will remain compatible with the ARP2600 V future versions.
8.8 Using in Pro Tools (RTAS)
8.8.1 Opening of the plug-in
Access to the ARP2600 V plug-in is like all other plug-ins in Pro Tools, via a new In-
strument Track creation:
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