...and raise the modulation potentiometer
Play a note on your keyboard to start the sequencer. Change the positions of the 16
potentiometers representing 16 steps in the sequence. You can hear the variations on
the opening of the filter cut-off frequency. This creates an automatic wah wah effect.
It is also possible to simultaneously create a melodic sequence on the eight first steps
and a modulation sequence on the last eight. For this, set the “1/16 > 2/8”
interrupter to 2/8. The sequencer will only play half of the sequence.
It is of course possible to connect any other ARP parameter to the sequencer, like the amplifier
volume (VCA) for example, the change of waveform width for oscillator square waveform, etc…
These different examples were of varying difficulty. We hope that they will have helped
you get to know some of the possibilities offered by the ARP2600V2. But don’t hesitate in
making your own attempts at programming; this is the best way to progress and find
certain originality.
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