Connect the 4 tracking generator outputs to the “voltage processor” inputs
Place the “link A/B” selector switch to the right to link the two lines of mix to the
output of the first.
Place the “link A/B” selector switch to the right
Of course, the more tracking lines you combine and send to the same destination, the
more difficult it becomes to master and hear.
7.4 Patch using the sequencer to create a melody
The ARP sequencer model 1601 was one of the most frequently used sequencers of its
time (the 70’s). It was added to the ARP2600 V to increase the possibilities for creating
melodies and sounds.
The next two examples show how to use the ARP sequencer to create a melody and a
sequence of modulation of a synthesis parameter.
For these 2 examples, return to the “bass1” preset. It presents the ideal sound for a
melodic sequence or for applying a modulation sequence to the filter cut-off frequency.
The “CV input” is connected directly to the key follow which allows is to trigger a sequence tuned to
the note played. The sequencer will automatically start when you play a note.
So that your sequence is tuned by following the semi-tones, connect the “Quantized
output A” on the sequencer to the input oscillator1 key follow (“VCO1” > “CV KBD”).
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