It is composed of three parts: on the left, the selection of the 4 tracking lines, in the
middle, the interface for drawing the waveform, and above, the choice of drawing
By default, the “pencil” tool is selected. Start by drawing a freehand curve. The form
is not important. Once this is done, play a note to hear the result of this modulation.
You can set the oscillation speed with the “Freq” potentiometer which is on the left of
the tracking generator.
Drawing a freehand curve
If you wish to modify your curve, return to the editing screen to make changes. The
modification is directly taken into account as soon as you click on the edit screen.
Nothing stops you from creating several types of curves (freehand, curve, sinus,
square, noise…) on a single line. To do this, just use the appropriate tool.
You can combine the four tracking lines for a single modulation input. For this,
Connect the four tracking generator outputs to the “voltage processor” 1, 2, 3 and 4
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