Set the third oscillator to sevenths
If you wish to bring more space to your sound, add a delay or chorus effect to it. For
this, click on the “Chorus” or “Delay” buttons situated on the toolbar, open the grid
on the left of the synthesizer. This holds the settings for these 2 effects. If you use
delay, you can synchronize it with the MIDI tempo of your host sequencer.
The “Chorus” and “Delay” settings
Don’t forget to save your new sound, as like the previous, it will be useful as a
template for other more complicated sounds.
7.3 Special effects patch with the help of the tracking generator
With this example, you will discover a few of the many possibilities for modulation with
the tracking generator / LFO. This module is one of the major additions to the ARP2600 V
compared to the original.
Let’s again use the “bass1” sound as template for the following preset:
two oscillators (VCO1 and 2)
a low pass filter (VCF)
an amplifier (VCA)
the tracking generator connected to the filter
We will first see how to create a “complex LFO” modulation type on the filter cut-off
frequency with the help of the tracking generator.
On the tracking generator module (situated on the bottom right of the synthesizer
section), click on the “open tracking” button under this grid to open it. Then, connect
the output of the first tracking line ( “out”) to the “VCO2 Sin” modulation input of the
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