7.2 Polyphonic patch with cabling
Let’s reuse the sound “bass1” as it will be useful to us for the next preset.
We will see how to surpass the limits of the pre-cabled (internal connections between the
modules don’t need cables). Thanks to this method, you will discover the richness of the
This preset contains:
three oscillators (VCO1, 2 and 3)
a low pass filter (VCF)
an amplifier (VCA)
the ADSR envelope connected to the filter
the AR envelope connected to the amplifier
a LFO connected to the filter
Drag a cable from the saw-tooth output on oscillator1 to an audio input of the filter
mixer. For this click on the VCO1 “Saw” output and direct the mouse to the “VCO1
square” audio input on the VCF mixer.
Direct the “Saw” output to the “VCO1 square” audio input on the VCF mixer
Still on this mixer, lower the VCO2 volume. You will notice the change of tone
resulting from the change of waveform on VCO1. If you need to be convinced,
disconnect the cable (click on the mixer audio input to disconnect the cable). You thus
move from a saw-tooth to a square signal. Reconnect the saw-tooth to continue with
this preset.
Do the same with oscillator2: direct the saw-tooth waveform to the VCO2 input on
the VCF mixer.
Still on the same mixer, raise the volume of oscillator3 to complete the base tone.
You will hear a sound composed of three oscillators.
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