The ARP 2600 V also offers a second simplified envelope (Attack, Release).
The envelope generator can also be used to modulate other settings, like the filter cut-off
frequency or the frequency of an oscillator for example.
6.2.3 The low frequency oscillator
The LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) possesses, among other things, the same characteristics as the
classic audio-frequency oscillator but does not produce frequencies higher than 20 Hz. In other
terms, you won’t hear the sound if you connect the audio output of an LFO in an amplifier.
Not being used to produce a sound, it can be used to create a cyclic modulation on the
parameter on which it is connected.
On the ARP2600 V,the LFO module is situated on the left of the sequencer .
The LFO module of the ARP2600 V
For example:
If you connect an LFO to the modulation input of an amplifier, the sound volume will
increase and decrease in an alternate manner depending on the speed (the
frequency) of this LFO. This will create a tremolo effect.
To produce a vibrato effect, simply connect the sinusoid output of an LFO to the
modulation input of an oscillator. The frequency of this oscillator will thus be
modulated up and then down.
Finally, try to connect an LFO output to the modulation input of a lightly resonant
low-pass filter and you will obtain a “wah wah” effect.
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