Linear frequency spectrum of the ARP2600 V oscillator made with TAE
1.2.2 A better reproduction of analog oscillator waveforms
The waveforms produced by the oscillators in analog synthesizers are marked by the
presence of a capacitor in the circuits. The discharge of the capacitor results in a light bend in
the original waveform (notably for saw tooth, triangular and square waveforms). TAE allows
the reproduction of this capacitor discharge. Underneath is the analysis of a waveform from
the original ARP2600, and that of the ARP2600 V. They are both equally deformed by the
ARP2600 V low-pass and highpass filtering.
Temporal representation of a “saw tooth” waveform of the original ARP2600
Temporal representation of an ARP2600 V “saw tooth” waveform reproduced by TAE
What’s more, the original analog oscillators were unstable. In fact, their waveform varied
slightly from one period to another. If we add to this the fact that the starting point for each
period (in Trigger mode) can vary with the temperature and other environmental conditions,
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