The sinusoid is the purest of all. It is a single harmonic and produced a very
“damped” sound. It can be used to reinforce the low frequencies of a bass sound or
as a frequency modulator in order to create harmonics that don’t exist in the original
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is a setting that allows you to modify the waveform cycle
(or wave length). This can be done manually with the help of a knob PW or by
modulation (with an envelope or LFO). This pulse width variation translates to a
spectrum modification, resembling a waveform change.
The ARP2600 V waveforms on the oscillator2
The synchronization of an oscillator with another creates more complex waveforms. If
for example, you synchronize oscillator2 with oscillator1, oscillator2 will restart a new
period every time the first oscillator completes a period, even if oscillator2 has not
completed a complete period (this signifies that it is not tuned to the same tonality!) The
more you tune oscillator2 upwards, the more you will encounter composite waveforms.
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