Start input (trig or gate)
(Jack Start)
Input jack to start the sequencer with a trig or gate
Trig or Gate (trig / gate)
Selector switch for choice of trig or gate (starting the
Start / stop (Start / Stop)
Button for manual starting / stopping of the sequencer.
Start / stop jack
(Start / Stop jack)
Input jack for sequencer start / stop.
Start / stop pedal
(Start / Stop pedal)
Pedal to start and stop the sequencer.
Clock frequency
(Clock Freq)
Sets the sequencer clock speed
Clock frequency output
(Clock out)
Input jack for the sequencer clock output.
Clock FM (FM)
Sets the modulation rate for the clock frequency.
FM input (Clock FM)
Jack input for the modulation of the clock frequency
(initially connected to the “gate” input)
Impulse modulation
(Pulse width)
Sets the rate of modulation for the signal impulse width.
PW input (PWM)
Jack input for the modulation of the impulse width of the
Setting the sequencer input / outputs (quantizer)
The sequencer input / outputs
Quantized outputs A and B
(Quantized outputs A/B)
Output jacks A and B for the quantization of
the step signals in semi tones.
CV input (CV input)
Jack inputs manage the reference voltage for
the sequencer (generally connected to CV
keyboard control - Kybd CV output)
Quantized inputs A and B
(Quantized inputs A/B)
Input jacks A and B for the signal quantization.
Non quantized outputs A and B
(Sequencer outputs A/B)
Output jacks A and B non quantized
(continuous values to +/- 4 octaves)
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