The CV controls
Pitch bend wheel (Pitch bend)
Output connection jack for the control of modulation
of three oscillators with the pitch bend wheel.
Modulation wheel (Mod Wheel)
Output connection jack for modulation control with
the help of the modulation wheel.
Velocity (Velocity)
Output connection jack for velocity control.
After Touch
Output connection jack for After Touch control.
Key follow outputs x1 and x4
(KYBD CV output)
Output connection jacks for key follow x1 (tempered
key follow) and x4
5.2 Keyboard interface (Model 3620)
The keyboard interface contains all of the parameters necessary for playing on a
keyboard: the monophonic or polyphonic playing modes, the portamento, the LFO
(mainly used for vibrato), keyboard triggering modes, etc...
The keyboard interface
Portamento trigger input pedal
(portamento footswitch)
Output connection jack for portamento trigger
control with a pedal.
Sustain trigger input pedal
(KBd Latch)
Input connection jack for Hold trigger control
with a pedal.
Play mode selector (Modes)
Selection of keyboard play mode -
monophonic, unison, polyphonic.
Detune polyphonic voices
(Unison detune)
Sets the detuning of the voices in “unison”
Select trigger modes
(Trigger modes)
Selects trigger mode for keyboard notes:
legato / retrig
Pitch Bend
Simultaneously sets the frequency of the three
Global tuning (Global tune)
Simultaneously set the global tuning of the
three oscillators
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