Curve editing screen
Screen for real-time curve editing.
Drawing tool
Tool for drawing a freehand curve.
Line tool
Tool for drawing a straight line.
Curve tool
Tool for drawing an exponential curve.
Sine tool
Tool for drawing a sinusoid.
Square tool
Tool for drawing a square signal.
Noise tool
Tool for adding noise to an existing signal.
Eraser tool
Tool for erasing an existing signal.
Undo / Redo
To undo or redo a drawn signal.
A few tips for using it:
To create an exponential curve: Firstly click on the editing screen to place the starting
curve for the curve.
Drag (without releasing) to draw the curve.
Click and drag up or down to set the amplitude.
Click once again to validate this curve.
5.1.13 Reverberation
This module lets us add reverberation to the sound.
The reverb module
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