The ring modulator
2 Audio inputs
(VCO1 Saw / VCO2 Sin)
Audio input connection jacks (pre-cabled to the oscillator1
sawtooth and oscillator 2 sine outputs).
Output (Output)
Ring modulator output connection jacks
5.1.12 “Tracking” generator
This very original module was added to modify the course of a modulation thanks to four
curves which can be edited in real-time by the user. It can also be used as source of
modulation to create envelope forms or complex LFO waves.
The tracking generator’s main interface
Main interface:
4 audio inputs
Audio input signal connection jacks.
4 modulation inputs
Modulation input signal connection jacks
4 audio outputs
Audio signal input connection jacks.
4 “Smooth”
Sets the smoothness of the tracking curve.
4 Edit
Button for opening the tracking curve edit mode.
Edit interface
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