Selector switch (C)
Selector switch C connection jacks between signals A and B
External clock input
(Ext clock In)
External; clock connection jacks (pre-cabled to the Sample
and Hold clock)
5.1.10 Envelope follower
The envelope follower allows the generation of a modulation from an external (or
internal) source of audio signal. The (Pre amp.) volume parameter sets the fineness of
the envelope follow. The lower it is, the more closely the variations of the input signal will
be followed.
The preamplifier
The envelope follower
An example:
Try for example to insert an audio signal coming from a drum loop sample to the
input of the envelope follower.
Connect the output of the envelope follower to one of the filter modulation inputs.
Increase the modulation rate for the amp (VCA).
Do the same for the envelope follow level. The VCA volume will modulate the volume
of the VCA with the envelope of the drum loop audio sample.
Audio input (Pre-Amp)
Envelope follower audio input connection jack
Output (Output)
Output jack fo the audio signal
Level (Level)
Sets the amount level of the envelope follower
Gate out (gate out)
Trigger signal output connection jacks
5.1.11 Ring modulator
The ring modulator is a module which allows you to multiply two signals in order to
generate non-harmonic frequency components. It is useful for creating metallic sounds.
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