The sample and hold settings
Level (Level)
Sets the Sample & Hold modulation level.
Rate (Rate)
Sets the Sample & Hold clock speed.
External Input
(“Noise gen”)
Audio or modulation external signal input connection
jack. (pre-cabled to the noise module)
Sample and Hold output
Sample and Hold output connection jack
Internal clock output
(Int Clock out)
Sample and Hold internal clock output connection jack
External clock input
(Ext Clock in)
External clock input connection jack
MIDI Synchronization
(MIDI sync)
Selector switch for the synchronization of the clock to a
MIDI sequencer.
5.1.9 The “electronic switch” module (Electronic switch)
The “Electronic switch” module allows you to alternate the two sources connected to
inputs A and B depending on the speed of the clock connected (pre-cabled to the Sample
and Hold clock) to create a composite source of modulation.
The electronic switch
An example:
Connect the output of the square waveform of oscillator 1 to input A and the sine
output of oscillator 2 to input B.
Place these two oscillators to low frequency position (LF) so as to slow the oscillation
speed. Set the frequency potentiometers for the two oscillators to 0.3 Hz.
Connect output C of the interrupter to one of the filter modulation inputs.
Set the Sample and Hold clock speed potentiometer towards the bottom to clearly
hear the alternation between the two modulations.
Inputs (A / B)
Audio or modulation signal input connection jacks.
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