5.1.7 Voltage processor (Mixer / inverter / lag generator)
The voltage processor allows you to mix up to 8 inputs (audio or modulation) to one (or
several) outputs.
It also allows you to invert the input signal a positive-going modulation (an envelope
for example) will thus become negative.
A lag generator allows you to smooth an input signal. For example, the square signal
from a LFO approximates a triangle the more we raise the potentiometer value,
increasing the lag time.
The voltage processor
8 signal inputs (input)
Audio or modulation signal input connection jacks.
4 balance (mix)
Sets the balance between the two input signals
4 inverters (inverter)
Inverts the input signal
4 lag generators
Smoothes the input signal
4 signal outputs (output)
Audio or modulation signal output connection jacks
4 “Mix” switches
This switch allows you to merge one or several inputs pairs
into the one above.
4 “Volume” potentiometers
Potentiometer to set the volume of 2 input signals (A and B
for example)
5.1.8 Sample and Hold generator
This module lets you sample the signal connected as input. The source can be external
(source of trigger connected to the input) or pre-cabled to the noise generator. This
module allows you to create random modulations by sampling the noise signal, for
You can also connect an external clock source to pilot the sample and hold speed (the
waveform output of an oscillator for example).
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