The band pass filter
The notch filter (Notch)
The notch filter coupe is the opposite of the band pass filter. It eliminates the frequency
band situated on both sides of the cut-off frequency.
The resonance can be used to accentuate the “hollow” of this frequency band.
The notch filter
if you raise the resonance too high, the result of the filtering will no longer be heard as the
frequency band will be too big to allow efficient filtering.
5.1.4 The envelopes
Two in number, the modulation envelopes allow the evolution of the sound in relation to
the time.
The first envelope (ADSR) possesses four temporal periods which are performed
sequentially: the Attack time, Decay time, Sustain voltage and the Release time. When
the trigger input moves to active state (triggering of a note), the envelope performs the
sequences “Attack” followed by “Decay” and remains in the “hold” state (Sustain) as long
as the input trigger remains active. When it goes to the inactive state (release of the
note), the envelope performs the “fall” sequence (Release).
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