Only the cut-off frequency can be dynamically modulated by one of the 3 modulation
For a conventional key follow setting (in relation to the scale) place the potentiometer completely
to the top. The filter types:
The low pass 24dB / oct Low pass (LP 24)
The low pass 24dB filter is typical of the ARP2600. It eliminates the frequencies situated
below the pivotal frequency (the cut-off frequency).
The low pass filter
The four other filtering modes didn’t exist on the original ARP2600 but existed on the
ARP2500 modular systems. They all use a filtering slope at 12 dB/ octave. These modes
were added to increase the possibilities for sound creation on the ARP 2600 V 2.5.
The low pass 12dB / octave (LP 12)
The low pass 12 dB filter is works in the same manner as the 24 dB/ oct. on the the
ARP2600. It will just give you a slightly different result due to the fact that its filtering
slope is not as fast.
The high pass (HP 12)
The high pass filter is the opposite of the low pass filter. It eliminates the frequencies
above the cut-off frequency.
The high pass filter
The band pass filter (BP 12)
The band pass filter is a combination of the low pass and high pass: It eliminates the
frequencies on each side of the cut-off frequency.
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