If you click again on the All button, all types of presets will be displayed on the map. Preset snap shot memories
You can select up to four presets, anywhere on the map interface, and save them on up
to four snap shot memories. You will be able to use those four presets on the COMPASS
view to create new sounds by morphing feature (see below for more details on this
Of course, you can save any kind of type of presets on these four snap memories.
Select a snap memory
To save a preset on a snap memory:
Select a preset on the sound map main interface.
Hold the [Shift] key and select one of the four snap memory button. The snap
memory button is now highlighted in red.
Repeat the same actions if you wish to save presets on the three other snap
When all memories already contain a saved preset, you can replace them with other
Select another preset anywhere on the Sound Map interface, click on any of the 4
snapshot buttons while pressing the [Ctrl] key.
4.4.3 The LIST preset manager
The list preset manager offers a more classical way to explore the presets using a list
interface in which the presets are classified and filtered in order to simplify preset
To open the list interface, click on the LIST button located on the toolbar of the Sound
Click on the LIST button
The list preset interface is very simple, you can see four columns showing, from left to
The preset names
The instrument type
The name of the sound designers
A reminder of the presets added to a snap memory
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