You can also use the “ZOOM +” or “ZOOM -” buttons, under the slider, to increase or decrease the map size
step by step (by factor 1).
Click on the FIT ZOOM button allows resizing the map to its global size.
The FIT ZOOM button The instrument type filter window
On the right of the map main interface, an instrument type filter window allows you to
choose which type of preset you want to see (or to hide) on the map. By default, all
types of presets are selected.
The instrument type filter
To select an individual or a group of instrument types:
First click on the All button, on the bottom of the type filter window: this will hide all
the instrument types from the sound map.
The ALL button
Then, select the type(s) you want to see by clicking on the corresponding square
box(es). A nock appears on the selected box(es) and the type(s) of presets appears
on the map interface.
Show pad presets
This is a good way to simplify and to refine the preset search.
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