34 ARTURIA ARP2600 USER’S MANUAL Multiple Assigned Parameters
It is possible to assign multiple parameters to a single control. This allows you to change
many parameters with one fader or knob.
Activate Learn mode, select a parameter (GUI control)
Tweak control to assign it (optionally setup minimum and maximum)
Select a second parameter
And tweak the same control
Deactivate Learn mode
Tweaking assigned control should modify both parameters with regards to assignation
setup (Min, Max). Tricks
The filter/amplifier envelope control points have two parameters: Level and Time.
If Learn mode is ON, clicking on control point provides access to the assignment
of the Level parameter, shift+clicking on control point provides access to
assignment of the Time parameter.
4.4 The sound map
The sound map is an innovative preset explorer which offers an easy and funky way to
locate and choose a preset on a map area to simplify the preset management and to
quickly find the appropriate sounds.
The sound map also offers brand new interface for creating new sounds thanks to a
morphing feature between four presets.
The Sound Map offers three views:
The MAP main interface: the sound map classifies the presets thanks to statistic
methods in order to organize the sounds on a map from their own audio
The LIST presets list: this page offers a more classical interface to classify the
presets using lists and filters to find the desired sound.
The COMPASS morphing interface: this page allows creating new sounds in real
time thanks to a morphing result with up to 4 presets.
To open the main Sound Map interface, click on the SOUND MAP button located on
the tool bar. A new window appears over the ARP2600 V main interface.
Open the main Sound Map interface
To open the preset list page, click on the LIST button, on the top right of the sound
map interface
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