4.3.6 MIDI control
Most of the knobs, sliders and switches on the ARP2600 V can be manipulated with
external MIDI controllers. Before anything else, make sure that the MIDI device that you
wish to use is correctly connected to the computer, and that the sequencer or the
ARP2600 V application is correctly configured to receive MIDI events coming from the
device. Learn Menu
A new button and menu have been introduced in ARP2600 V. The button and menu pro-
vide access to MIDI assign functionalities.
The left part of the button activates the MIDI learn mode, while the right part (small
down arrow) opens the control management menu.
“Learn” Menu
“Learn Mode” Button
The “Learn” Menu is composed of 2 sections:
First section provides:
o “New Config” creates a new controller set
o “Save Config As” saves current configuration to a new one
o “Delete Current Config” removes current configuration from list
The second section contains the list of existing configurations:
o The checked one is the currently selected MIDI map
o Click on a configuration to load it Assigning MIDI Controls
In order to start assigning MIDI controls, click the “Midi Learn” button (left part). The
button remains highlighted to indicate that the “learn mode” is ON.
Click on a knob or button in the GUI to open the MIDI assignment popup.
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