If you click on the centre of the connector, you will select the cable end to change the
connection. To access the modulation setting, make sure you click on the nut. In the same way, if
you right click (or Shift + click) on the centre of the connector, you will reach the connection menu
instead of the precise modulation quantity setting.
4.3.4 Separate the cables
Visualizing the existing connections between different modules is very useful when
creating a patch on the ARP2600 V. At the same time, the cables can sometimes hide
access to some of the settings available on the modules. So as not to be hindered in your
manipulations, it can be useful to activate the “Move away cables” mode. In this mode,
the cables will automatically avoid the mouse pointer, leaving you with a clearer view to
checking or modifying potentiometer values. Don’t forget to deactivate this mode when
you want to select a cable with the mouse!
Deactivate the “separate the cables” mode
4.3.5 Virtual keyboard
The keyboard lets you listen to the synthesizer sounds without the need for an external
master MIDI keyboard, and without programming a melody in the sequencer. Just click
on a virtual key to hear the corresponding sound.
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