Right click for input/output connection menu (or Shift + click)
4.3.2 Modifying a connection
To disconnect a cable from an input connector, and reconnect it to another, click on the
end of the cable and hold the mouse button down. You can now use the mouse to drag
the cable to another input and release the button.
To delete a connection, you can right click and use the menu (or Shift + click). It is also
possible to click on the cable to be removed to select it. The cable will appear in a lighter
color to indicate that it is selected. Then simply press the “DEL” key to delete the
Remark: You will have trouble selecting a cable if the “Move away cables” option is active! In this
mode, the cables automatically avoid the mouse pointer. To avoid this, deactivate this option
before trying to select a cable (see.
4.3.3 Setting the level of modulation
As explained above, the modulation input connectors have an interesting property: they
allow the setting of the level of modulation (from 100% to +100%) directly at
connector level, and thus avoid the need to use a VCA which would normally be
necessary to set the amplitude of the modulation signal. When the modulation input
connector is connected, click on one of the edges of the jack’s hex nut and drag the
mouse up or down to change the depth of modulation:
Setting the quantity of modulation
By right clicking (or Shift + click) instead of the left click, you will obtain a more precise setting.
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