Audio input connector
Additional modulation input connectors can be found on the tracking
module located under the grid of the right loud speaker. They are graphically
distinguished from the other connectors as they include an additional function: the
modulation level setting, described later on in this chapter:
Modulation input connector
To connect the output of a module to the input of another module, click on the output
and, while holding the mouse button depressed, drag the mouse to the input connector
of the second module. When you pass over a connector on which the current cable can
be placed, the connector will light up. In this case, when you release the mouse button,
the connection will be created between the selected input and output.
Creation of a new connection by drag and drop
Another way is to right click (on Mac: click while holding down the shift key) on the input
or output of a module. In this case, a menu appears with a list of possible connection
points for this input/output. It can happen that the input/output will already be
connected to certain modules; in this case the connection points already in use will
appear in this menu. Simply choose a connection point in the “Connect to” menu to
create a connection. It is also possible to delete the current connection by choosing the
“Remove connection” option.
Remark: Each modulation input can only receive one connection, but each output connector can be
connected to any number of inputs. This allows us to use one modulation signal on several
synthesis settings.
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