Current preset bank export button in the toolbar
Select the type of export that you wish to perform (bank, sub-bank or preset) from the
list and a window will appear prompting you to choose a destination folder and a name
for the file you are about to export.
4.2 Use of controllers
4.2.1 Vertical linear potentiometers
The ARP 2600V mainly uses linear potentiometers. To change the value of a vertical
potentiometer, click on it and move it vertically to the desired value.
Linear potentiometer
4.2.2 Horizontal linear potentiometers
To move these potentiometers, click on it and slide to the right or left to reach the
desired value.
Horizontal potentiometer
4.2.3 Knobs
You can find some knobs among the global settings, by exemple.
The default mode of control for knobs with the mouse is the linear mode: the knob can
be set only by vertically moving the mouse. It is possible to obtain a higher precision by
right clicking or Shift+Click on the concerned knob.
In circular mode, click on the knob and turn around it in order to change the value of the
controller. The circular mode gives high precision in the manipulation of controls: The
further the mouse goes from the knob, the higher the precision of the setting.
The linear mode is often more simple to use than rotation. But at the same time it cam be less
precise (the precision is limited by the number of vertical pixels on the screen from which the
mouse movements are evaluated). It is possible to attain a higher level of precision by right-
clicking, or shift-click, on the potentiometer you want to control.
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