“Save” button on the toolbar
If you want to save your preset under a different preset name, click on the “Save As”
button in the toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear allowing the choice of either an
existing preset (in this case, the preset contents will be replaced by the current setting),
or to save your preset as a new preset (in this case, click on “New Preset…” in the sub-
bank of your choice).
“Save As” menu on the toolbar
When you are working on a factory preset, which cannot be erased, clicking on the
“Save” button will not replace the current factory setting, but will automatically open
the “Save As” function to save the current setting as a user preset. Click on the
“New bank” option. The three LED displays indicate “New”: you can click on each of
these displays to give it a name or save your setting as a new preset (in this case,
click on “New preset...” in the sub-bank of your choice).
The “New preset...” option
4.1.4 Importation / Exportation of a preset bank
It is possible to import new preset banks created for the ARP2600 V. To import a new
bank of presets, click on the preset bank import button in the toolbar:
Preset bank import button on the toolbar
When you click on this button, a dialog appears allowing the choice of ARP2600 V preset
bank files (.AMB file type on PC, AMpB file type on Mac). Choose the file that you want to
import, and click on “Open”. The new preset bank will automatically appear in the
available banks.
The ARP2600 V also offers the option to export your own sound banks to save them, use
them on another machine, or share them with other users. It is possible to export a
preset, a sub-bank, or a complete bank. To export a bank, sub-bank, or current preset,
click on the export preset bank button on the toolbar:
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