4.1 Using the presets
The presets memorize the ARP2600 V sounds. A preset contains all of the inter-module
connections and the different controller information necessary for the recreation of an
identical sound. In the ARP2600 V, presets are classed in “banks” and “sub-banks”. Each
bank contains a certain number of sub-banks, which determine a type of sound: sub-
bank “basses”, sub-bank “sound effects”, etc. Each sub-bank contains a certain number
of presets.
The ARP2600 V comes with several “factory” sound banks. It is possible to create new
“user” sound banks, each containing an arbitrary number of sub-banks and presets. For
security, the “factory” settings are not directly modifiable. It is, however, possible to
modify a sound based on a factory preset and to record it to a “user” bank.
4.1.1 Choice of bank, sub-bank, preset
The banks, sub-banks and presets being currently used are always displayed in the
synthesizer toolbar.
Display of bank, sub-bank, and preset being used
To choose a preset in the current sub-bank, click on the button on the left of the current
preset, a drop-down menu appears with a list of presets from the same sub-bank. You
can choose another preset in the menu by selecting the corresponding line. Once the
preset has been chosen, you can play the new sound from your MIDI keyboard or
Choice of preset in the same sub-bank
To choose a preset in the same main bank, but in a different sub-bank, click on the
button on the left of the current sub-bank, a drop-down menu will appear with the list of
sub-banks contained in the same main bank. Each sub-bank in the menu allows you to
open a sub-menu containing its presets. A click on a preset lets you directly choose a
preset in the new sub-bank.
To choose a preset in another main bank, click on the button next to the bank name. A
drop-down menu appears with the choice of the main banks that are available, and the
sub-lists corresponding to the sub-banks defined in each main bank and the presets
contained in each sub-bank. You can now freely choose a preset by clicking on its name.
Once a preset has been changed (modification of a controller or connection), an asterisk
appears next to its name in the tool bar.
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