The chorus effect settings
3.5.2 Delay
Delay brings a stereo echo effect to bring more space to your sound.
It possesses independent settings for the speed and number of repetitions for the left
and right sides. It is also possible to create a large number of rhythmic combinations
between the repetitions. The delay speed can also be synchronized with the MIDI tempo.
Let’s keep the preset “JMB_Simple1” and see how to use the effects on this sound:
Activate the “Delay” button on the toolbar. The effect becomes active.
Set the Delay “Dry/Wet” potentiometer so as to balance the “raw” sound with the one
coming from the delay.
Next turn the two Delay “Speed” potentiometers to set the rate of echo repetitions for
the right side (Time Right) and left side (Time Left).
It is also possible to set the number of repetitions for each side (“Feedb. Right” and
“Feedb. Left”).
The Delay effect settings
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