Modulate the filter frequency (“Cutoff Frequency”) with the LFO
3.5 The effects
The effects section lets you add a Stereo Delay and Chorus to your sound on top of the
reverberation which is already present in the original instrument. The two effects can be
found in the place of the left speaker grid on the synthesizer.
To open it, click on the “open” button under this grid.
Open the effects grid
3.5.1 Chorus
Chorus is used to copy your sound, and slightly detune the copy, to give it more depth
and the Chorus “ON/OFF” button in the effects section, on the right of the toolbar.
Set the Chorus “Dry/Wet” potentiometer to balance the “raw” sound and the one
returning from the effect.
Next turn the Chorus “Rate” potentiometer to set the speed of the oscillations.
Finally set the depth of the chorus using the “Depth” potentiometer.
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