Robert Bocquier (v2.0)
Emilie de Fouchécour (v2.0)
Vincent Travaglini (v2.0)
Nicolas Bronnec
Sylvain Gubian
Xavier Oudin
Cedric Rossi
Morgan Perrier (v2.0)
Yannick Bonnefoy
Robert Bocquier (v2.0)
Antoine Back (v2.0)
Jean-Michel Blanchet
Yuji Sano
Tom Healy
Mitsuru Sakaue
Xavier Oudin
Cedric Rossi
Kentaro Wakui
Sound Designers:
Jean-Michel Blanchet
Celmar Engel
Klaus Schulze
Ruff & Jam
Kevin Lamb from Neptunes
Chris Pitman
Silvère Letellier (v2.0)
Noritaka Ubukata
Darrell Diaz
Glen Darcy
Katsunori Ujiie
Pietro Caramelli
Very special thanks to:
Celmar Engel, Mark Vail, Alan R. Perlman, Wally Badarou, Chad from Neptunes
Thanks to:
John Leimseder, Matt Lupo, Ron Kuper, Mephistoff Ellys, Pietro Caramelli
and the numerous beta testers.
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November 2014 edition
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