Set the 16 linear potentiometers
3.4.2 The LFO
On the original ARP 2600, oscillator2 could be set to low frequency position (“LF” position
in the range) for use in LFO mode. Although practical, this solution prevented us from
using 3 oscillators simultaneously and a slow modulation on the filter cut-off frequency
for example.
Thanks to the LFO module situated on the “Keyboard control” module of the “All” mode,
you can keep the third oscillator as base sound and obtain an additional source of
modulation for one of the 13 available destinations. It is also possible to synchronize the
clock speed of the LFO to that of the MIDI sequencer by clicking on the “MIDI sync”
Apply two additional types of modulation to the preset “1_Osc”:
For example: the LFO is “pre-cabled” to obtain a vibrato (simultaneous frequency
modulation) of the two oscillators. Simply raise the linear potentiometer “Vibrato
Depth”, situated on the LFO module, to create this effect.
Raise the “Vibrato Depth” potentiometer
Another example would be to click on the LFO triangle output and direct the cable to
the “VCO2 sin” modulation input of the filter module. Raise the potentiometer above
it. Lower the cut-off frequency to hear the result more clearly. The brightness of the
sound will vary in a cyclic fashion, to the rhythm of the LFO.
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